About Us


Thanks for your interest in our roots!

We are so fortunate to live right next to the Big Woods Nature Preserve in Webster, NY. We are able to walk out our back door and explore miles and miles of nature trails, natural meadows, and old growth woods. Our products are truly nature inspired, and made and packaged with respect for conserving our environment.

When I began making my own soaps and body products, I spent loads of time researching the benefits of different oils and plants. What felt right to me was making my products as naturally and cruelty free as possible. This meant no synthetic coloring, fragrances or preservatives. This also meant avoiding oils like palm, and avoiding the use of animal oils (lard & tallow). This was no easy task! It took years of experimentation to really begin to develop my own recipes and create a product that I was proud to share with family and friends.

We now grow and forage as many materials as we can. We partner with local beekeepers to source local honey and beeswax. We use packaging that can be composted or recycled, and we avoid plastic in our packaging.

We hope that you enjoy our products, and we hope that you can enjoy them even more knowing that they are made as responsibly as possible and inspired by nature.